Over the past few months I’ve been commuting into Sydney for work however the last couple of weeks a relocation of offices has change the 2 hour return trip into a 4 hour return trip. So let’s talk about how to maintain your health whilst commuting.

1. Be organized and prepared with your meals – I make breakfast the night before and eat it on the train I also prepare lunch for the week in Sunday’s.

2. Have a good repertoire of quick healthy go to dinners – I plan all my dinners on the weekend so I only do the shopping once. Also appliances like slow cookers & pressure cookers can be big time savers!

3. Make time for exercise. Personally I have to exercise super early (5am) because I know when it comes to the evening I’m not productive. Even use your lunch break or get off a stop early to get extra steps off.

4. Be productive with your time. I use my morning commute for emails, podcasts, webinars & reading.

5. Enjoy some down time. I use my trip home to watch a tv show so that I can get straight into jobs around the house when I get home.

6. Ask for help and support – reaching out to my partner to pick up a bit more cooking, house cleaning takes away a lot of the pressure and stress.

7. Make sure you get enough rest. Go to bed early. If I haven’t slept enough I catch up by sleeping one way on the train so that I can function well during the day.

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